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Project Co-ordination
Project Monitoring

We can assist in advising you in your purchase of a property with construction or refurbishment under way or for any proposed construction work.

We will consider and identify drawings, specifications/bills of quantities, tenders and/or contract documents and provide input to the Funding Agreement or advising in that respect.

We will advise on the conclusions and ensure that site investigations such as sub-soil reports, soil contamination reports, site drainage reports, statutory undertakings reports, environmental reports, asbestos surveys etc. have been completed.

We will also examining Statutory Consents and advise on any conditions or limitations, relating to in particular:

  • Planning Approvals (including Conservation Area Consents, Listed Building Consents)
  • Building Regulation Approvals
  • Public Health Acts
  • Fire Authority/Approvals

We will examine, if required, all legal agreements such as Party Wall Awards, common law rights of support etc.

Additionally we can advise on the need to engage further consultants to check structural, mechanical and electrical designs etc. prepared by others.

We can advise on building contracts and other documents prepared by the developers team and ascertaining the extent of the instructions and duties of the developers building advisors.

As part of our services we can attend upon the opening of tenders and report to you.

Insurances held by the developer or contractor can be reviewed (including premium payments) for their adequacy and that they conform with your own requirements.

We can attend the pre-contract meeting with the developers team and examine the contractors programme and advise you accordingly.

Monitoring of the works is normally undertaken monthly by making periodic site visits to ascertain whether the works are proceeding in accordance with the financial agreement.

In conjunction with monitoring of the works we will examine documentation issued by the developers appointed contract administrator and advise in respect of matters arising out of the building contract to ensure that our clients objectives are met.

As part of the works monitoring process we will monitor the development costs and authorise any payments and deal with retention monies under the terms of the development/financial agreement(s).

We will attend at the Handover/Practical Completion inspection, review any schedules at handover and during the Defects Liability Period and reporting at each stage as well as advising that all remedial work has been satisfactorily completed.

As an adjunct to the above services we can provide with the assistance of developers contractors/consultants record service and 'as-built' drawings, maintenance manuals and the like.

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Building Surveying Solutions
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Two architects examining construction plans

Two architects examining construction plans