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During the lease or at the end of the lease term of either commercial or residential properties we are able to act for either the Tenant or Landlord in matters of Dilapidations.

We would initially check the provisions of the lease (with or without an appended Schedule of Conditions), licences and the like and provide initial advice and if necessary inspect the property and prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations and Wants of Repair generally on behalf of the Landlord and more unusually on behalf of the Tenant.

Currently matters of Dilapidation negotiations/disputes are in general governed by a draft Protocol and the courts Civil Procedure Rules which sets out how the parties should proceed, the emphasis being on reaching agreement without the necessity for legal proceedings.

In conjunction with a specialist valuer we are able to deal with issues where at the end of the term there is a potential to limit the Landlords claim for damages for breach of a repairing covenant.

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Dilapidations - An ill-maintained wall

Dilapidations - An ill-maintained wall