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Building Contract Administration

The designer of a project may not offer contract administration as part of their service. We can take that worry from you and administer the building contract for your building project, this will cover such items as periodic site attendance, leading progress/contract meetings, budgetary reports, issue of Certificates, as and when required under the previsions of the Building Contract.

Our work will also include for the staged inspections and the inspection at the end of the defects/rectification period.

Should the situation arise, we can deal with the bankruptcy or liquidation of the Contractor and act for either the Employer, Contractor or Liquidator in settling balances due to interested parties.

If necessary we can also deal with any required statutory consents, such as Building Regulation and Town Planning approvals.

We are able to advise you on the most appropriate form of building contract to employ dependant on such matters as budget costs, complexity of the project, where some works are designed by the contractor or the contractor is required to employ a specialist supplier or sub-contractor.

We will draw-up the agreed building contract together with the appropriate contract documents (eg: drawings, specification, bills of quantities) and arrange for its signing by the parties.

During the course of the building works we shall issue the appropriate Notices/Certificates (eg. Contract Instructions, Certificate of Making Good Defects, Certificate of non-Completion, Practical Completion, End of Defects Inspection) as warranted by any particular circumstance.

Upon completion of the works we will issue a Final Certificate signifying that all works have been completed to a satisfactory standard.

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Contracts about to be signed

Contracts about to be signed