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At Building Surveying Solutions we offer an up to date innovative choice of building surveys to suit your individual requirements.These are:

  • A client attended Building Survey with a Bullet Point Report.
  • Building Survey with a detailed Report.
  • Video "live" survey.

Client Attended Building Survey

We have found this modern type of building survey to be our most popular and involves you in the inspection and ‘detective’ work and on the basis that you have some knowledge of construction or DIY.

Some of the benefits of this type of survey are:

  • We will point out to you any noted areas of defect and invite you to ask questions or discuss the significance of any findings. Should it be considered expedient we are happy to accommodate the attendance of your legal advisors during part or all of the inspection.
  • Where joint inspections with other professionals such as mechanical and electrical engineers, structural engineers, lighting/interior designers, are also appointed we are able to liaise with them at the time of the inspection and clarify their initial findings.
  • Enables you to discuss any future development or refurbishment idea's for the property and provide the initial stages of developing a Design Brief which can extend to considerations of planning and building regulation issues together with neighbourly matters such as party wall matters, potential for crane oversailing licences and the like.
  • Following the inspection we produce a Bullet Point Report, which is in a far briefer and to the point format to that of a traditional Building Survey Report and is therefore compiled and delivered to you far sooner.
  • Considered to be an ideal format for pre-auction inspections where time is limited.

This Bullet Point Report should fulfil all your written requirements that you may need for your intended purchase.

This type of survey will also potentially save you days of waiting for a full written Building Survey report.

Building Survey

This is a more traditional approach of a Building Survey.

We attend at the property and take details to enable us to provide a detailed Report, wherever possible identifying any noted defects and offer a solution as to its repair or renewal.

Video "live" survey

We also offer a new type of building survey, which is a Video Survey with voice over.

This type of survey provides a record of the property and its noted defects with suggested repairs, all on DVD/CD format. The added extra costs of a cameraman should be considered.

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A surveyor examining a residential property

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